Lomas Publishes MTC-Related Lesson Plan

Grid Paper Exploration,” by Randy Lomas (Harvest Park Middle School and AIM Math Teachers’ Circle), was recently published in the California Mathematics Council ComMuniCator. In the article, Lomas describes a middle school exploration of a favorite MTC problem that involves counting squares on a sheet of grid paper. Lomas began writing the lesson plan in summer 2015 at the AIM MTC summer immersion workshop, as part of a new program for veteran members of the AIM MTC. Lomas and five other classroom teachers paired up with mathematicians to create lesson plans with a focus on open-ended problem solving. The lesson plans were later classroom-tested by other members of the MTC.

Lomas’ lesson plan and Tatiana Shubin’s MTC session on which it is based can be found in our video library.


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