Mission & Vision

Image provided by SouthEast Ohio MTC — Athens, OH


The mission of the Math Teachers’ Circle Network is to support teachers as mathematicians, to connect mathematics professors with K-12 education, and to build a K-20 community of mathematics professionals.


Our vision is for every teacher in the United States to have access to a Math Teachers’ Circle. We envision the development of a strong system of regional networks that will facilitate collaboration and shared resources among nearby groups. We are committed to supporting the efforts of local sites and regional networks through the development of high-quality resources, small grants programs, and human connections. Through all of our activities, we strive to increase knowledge about and visibility of Math Teachers’ Circles at a national level.

The Math Teachers’ Circle Network is a partner of 100Kin10, a national organization coordinating efforts to bring 100,000 excellent STEM teachers into schools in ten years.