Announcing The Math Circular / Call For Submissions

As part of AIM’s efforts to support closer connections among the MTC Network, the student Math Circles of the National Association of Math Circles, and other allied programs, we have decided to reimagine our long-running magazine, the MTCircular, into a more inclusive publication that covers a variety of mathematics engagement activities.

Due to this change, we will not be publishing an issue of MTCircular in spring 2020, but instead will focus on putting together the inaugural issue of its successor publication, The Math Circular. We anticipate that the first Math Circular will be published in late fall 2020.

Below please find a call for submissions to The Math Circular, with a deadline of September 1 for inclusion in the inaugural issue. Please feel free to pass along to interested colleagues, and contact Brianna Donaldson with any questions.

The Math Circular is a general-interest magazine for leaders and members of Math Circles and other mathematics engagement activities for students, teachers, parents, and families. We strive to publish lively content that will inspire Math Circle programs mathematically, pedagogically, and organizationally.

We will consider a variety of types of article, including:

  • Activities: These articles give an overview of an activity and include ideas about how to facilitate it for one or more specific audiences while supporting exploration and discovery. Activity articles should focus on a topic that is accessible and engaging to a broad audience. Successful Activity submissions describe activities that have been tested out and refined multiple times.
  • Models and Practices: These articles describe innovative pedagogical practices that have been developed and/or tested by your Math Circle or allied program, or describe organizational models that are unique in some way or that combine multiple Math Circle-type programs.
  • Research Overviews: These articles provide non-technical overviews of new research relevant to Math Circles.

Articles are typically ~800-1,200 words in length, with pictures, diagrams, or other graphics encouraged and the possibility to post additional supporting materials on our website. Our style will generally be modeled on that of the MTCircular. Examples of the types of articles we are interested in can be found in previous issues of the MTCircular.

The submission deadline for the inaugural issue is September 1, 2020, with publication anticipated in late fall 2020.

Please contact Brianna Donaldson if you are interested in the possibility of submitting an article to The Math Circular.

Note: If you have a longer or more detailed article you are hoping to publish, we encourage you to consider submitting to the newly created Journal of Math Circles (, which is a peer-reviewed scholarly outlet for math outreach leaders!


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